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Default Re: What will I be able to run it on?

Originally Posted by loafer87gt
On my machine I find 1024x768 with high detail levels to be about the sweet spot. Anything higher than and the frame rates frequently plummet below 20FPS in the later levels making the game difficult to control. I would say with your new system you should be good for high detail levels at lower resolutions (1024x768) for the first levels, and then you might have to knock things down to medium for the latter more graphically intense levels.
Really? Your system is not too different from mine and I'm able to run Vista DX10 all very high with no texture streaming and level precache on at 1360x768 and I rarely dip below 20fps and find the game very playable with fps > 18. Infact, the later levels seemed to run very nice and I have not noticed the huge drop in fps that a lot of people are reporting. A few times I have noticed fps around 15 but when I saved and restarted they came up to 25-30 in the same spot. For the most part the, during gameplay, the game stays above 24fps.
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