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Default Re: Even the BDA admits BD still isn't ready for release

This is my favorite part of the article I read.

BDA President Andy Parsons echoed that sentiment at the Blu-ray press conference Monday, telling BetaNews that it's normal for new technology to change and older hardware to become obsolete. He added that early Blu-ray owners can continue to do everything they could in the beginning: watch movies in high-definition.

Still, the confusion will only likely further alienate existing and potential customers of the nascent format. One key Blu-ray developer told BetaNews that although he builds discs for studios including Fox and Lionsgate, he did not buy a Blu-ray player for personal use.

When BetaNews asked why these manufacturers rushed out players that were not fully capable and potentially buggy due to their BD-J implementation, the Blu-ray partner pointed blame across the room to HD DVD. "We should have waited another year to introduce Blu-ray to the public, but the format war changed the situation," he said. HD DVD was already coming and the BDA had no choice but to launch Blu-ray.
ROFL, so they blame HD-DVD for having there **** together first so we had no choice but to release our beta crap on the public. Instead of pumping millions into buying there movie partners they should have put there money into developing a good player. If all the movie industry would have been neutral and made HD DVD & Blueray for all movies from the beginning HD DVD would have won hands down.
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