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Default Re: Even the BDA admits BD still isn't ready for release

Originally Posted by Apollo 13
1080p because the TV is upscaling the image, but mosts ppl don't know that and when they see 1080i player they will not purchase it with their 1080P TV. Also half the HD-DVD players are 1080i not 4 out of 5. You need to start being realistic and not so bias all the time.
pff, 1080i to 1080p is called DEINTERLACING.

Current HD-DVD players:


Toshiba HD-A3


Toshiba HD-XA2
Toshiba HD-A30
Toshiba HD-A35
Onkyo DV-HD805

Ever learn math? You need to just STFU because you have a lot to learn. Don't come in here acting like you a damn thing and call people with facts " bias ". It's BIASED btw.
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