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Default Re: Just ordered some of my DreamPC

Originally Posted by XDanger
you forgot the 2x1tb F1's ,and why not get a BD-RW

Only then is it a good PC

Seriously though that all sounds great.
Was thinking about it but I already have 2x 500GB WD im putting in this pc from my other pc, and I have a 1TB file server so I figured more money I can spend on other parts. And im not sure about the BD-RW yet. I might get one later but it would just sit there doing nothing atm.

Edit: Kinda like the other 4GB of memory.

Originally Posted by Revs
I've not scene any test results with 2 X2's. Is crossfire working good now?
Well find out.

Im also ordering $250 of custom vinyl wraping to custom paint the outside and inside of the case. Ive been working on the art in photoshop. Im at a mix up between dragons and half nude chicks. Trying to do both at the same time. Well see what happens.

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