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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by morethanonecode
Grats dude. Did you get the patch?

I played hardcore for a very long time. Had 320 days before I quit. That was 8 months ago. Ive full cleared every instance mc to nax. And quit just after I got into SC. I quit and sold to make sure I never play again.

2 weeks ago I bought the game all over again with a new account to level a 70 incase I decide to play WOTL. Currently level 62.
Yeah, I've played this game since 2 months after its release. We had MC and BWL on farm. I quit that guild went to the horde side and PVPd for about a year. Came back and played a number of toons to 70. I didn't raid much after I went to the horde side because I hated raiding. It became a job and I already get paid at my day job so I only played with a small group of friends. It was fun and still is. I just have to move on. My 8 year old son said to me last night "you love that game more than me". That really hit me hard. So I turned the account over and quit.

I have quit before but I came back. The trick now is to fill that part of you life with something meaningful.

I have played Guild Wars since it first came out. It is fun but it isn't addicting. First off you can't jump in the game. Don't know why but that really bugs me. Great looking game and fairly fun but not enough to hold me.

I really like to play TF2. I am not addicted to it so I can play for a bit in the evenings and go to bed.
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