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Default Re: Even the BDA admits BD still isn't ready for release

Originally Posted by Riptide
Newb question.

Why would you buy a standalone BD player when you could just get a PS3? Don't the standalone players even cost more?
1. Improved PQ
2. Improved AQ
3. IR capability
4. Quiet
5. Audio capability. If you don't have an HDMI 1.1 or higher processor, you get no advanced audio from PS3. It is HDMI only. Other players, like my Sharp, have analog outputs and send the fully decoded advanced audio or uncompressed audio out them as linear PCM.
6. Family. Try to recommend a video game console to your mother or father to play movies, and be greeted with a blank stare. "Oh but mom that extra $100 is worth it, in case you want to play MGS4!!! "

At least 3 standalones right now are cheaper than PS3 street price at brick and mortar stores.

Samsung 1400, Sharp HP20, and Sony S300 can all be had for $299 with 5 instant freebies ( PS3 ineligible) and 5 mail in ( PS3 eligible )

The PS3 is a jack of all trades and master of none. It only makes sense if you want everything it offers. If you only want parts of it ( such as BD playback ), there is better for less money.
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