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Default Re: Even the BDA admits BD still isn't ready for release

Originally Posted by Riptide
Where can I see proof that the image quality is better via standalone vs. PS3? My roomate has a PS3 and said there is no proof of that statement.

Also, regarding the audio out, can't you just use the optical out of the PS3? Shouldn't that be excellent quality?
If you use the optical out, you are doing either DTS or Dolby Digital. This is what you've been listening to on DVD's for 10 years. You will not get Uncompressed, THD, or DTS-HD HR or MA. The PS3 will decode THD and mix it down over toslink. It will also mix down Uncomressed and repackage it lossy over toslink. If you use a PS3 and have a disc with DTS-HD HR or MA, you get only the DTS lossy core. The PS3's audio capabilities are very weak compared to the standalones which offer bitstream support if there are no onboard decoders as well as analog outs.

For proof regarding PQ, one only has to talk to someone who has had both a PS3 and a standalone. The only people you will hear saying the PS3 is "just as good" are people who only have a PS3.
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