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Default Re: My HTPC Project (Worklog)

Originally Posted by mezkal
Offtopic : Bigman you're an utter ****head. Every post you submit details your ignorance and stupidity. Go and do some research (using GOOGLE to LOOK for INFORMATION) and maybe, just maybe you'll find some ANSWERS to your own blitheringly STUPID questions! People have even mentioned the Matroska MKV container format - something I'm sure you missed (as always) in your self determined role as a "badass" (dumbass). Any normal person would highlight certain aspects of an INFORMED post and then COPY and PASTE them into the Google search field as a stepping off point towards becoming informed. You, on the other hand, only continue to ask extremely dumb question that almost never relate to the thread at hand ad-****ing-nauseum.

This is only beaten by your ****ING STUPID assertions which you foist on the decent posters in this forum. If I could invent a way to punch the living **** out of your stupid brain via the internet I think the decent posters of this forum and probably those who know you in real life would be pleased. It's really too bad that I can't. I haven't posted in years here but I had to say this.

On Topic : Great work on the HTPC six_storm! It's impressive to see someone going through the entire process, informing themselves and finally achieving what they set out to do. If you want to deal with the MPEG2 deblocking issues (as you mentioned with the Matrix) I can recommend Nvidia's own PureVideo DVD decoder (though it has it's own deinterlacing and framerate issues which can be difficult to debug depending on the source video) or Dscaler (though this too can add it's own problems to your setup).
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