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Default Re: End it the end for some?

I've been playing on forgotten coast for a week now on and off, got my tauren druid to level 22 and just now started actively going PVP.

My first day, and 23 kills already without even touching battlegrounds or arena yet I started off going into ashenvale forest and soloing random questers who were all by themselves (mostly same level as me, give or take one.) Killed two or three or so, then headed down to stonetalon and I jumped 25 palladin from cat form, and he only had 10% health left when he finally beat me. Not bad for me being 3 levels below him, and a newb at pvp.

Not wanting to give up, I fought him again and when I was down to 10% left, some random horde player showed up and dropped me a heal, so I totally pwned him

Shortly after that, we had more alliance and horde players converging in that area, and we had a 3v3ish group which later expanded to a 4v4ish group, us mostly low 20's, them upper 20's. We still kicked their asses, and we kept going at it for a while. That 25 palladin really had it in for me as he kept trying to single me out, and I would keep running, healing, returning and pummeling him, and I kept getting the kill shot on him each time he died

The alliance players seemed to disappear after a while, so our group figured we would see if they ran off to stonetalon peak. Instead what we found was a different set of ally players, and we pwned them too until a level 33 something (had ?? for all of us, so we didn't know what level) showed up and started killing us. After a while we regrouped and started kicking his ass.
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