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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Over on Barthilas, I have a horde guy, and someone who I met first day I bought the game moved his main there (undead mage, now in SSC). All in all, it isn't too bad (OK, Hillsbrad started to see some PvP action, as Tarren Mill and SS are favorite spots to farm ), and I have no idea what STV will be like. I think that would be the first challenge, as the lvl spread there is like 30-50....

But anyhow, if he was around, and some higher lvl were up to farming; he could turn around and get a lil fun in also

Oh, and constantly running behind people can be annoying; but no more so then when a lock constantly DoTs and chain fears the whole time. A rogue's kidney shot can also be annoying, with the same run behind tactic; and as it happens though my main is a 70 hunter, I also have a 70 rogue who will be starting kara this week. Largely as my current guild now has me, as the only 70 rogue, and a lot of hunters, so... Another one with a 70 hunter main (though he has 15 epics, vs my 70); knows he'll be playing his resto druid, case well, we need healers Actually, as an officer, I told him that's what we need, and even with us raiding with our alts here, hunters will still have to be on rotation. He agreed and was like, yeah, we have more then enough hunters for 2 teams, so yeah
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