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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Ugh, the audacity of some people. Another one of these pests, who pulls the same kind of attitude many pan handlers in real life do.

I'm running between the AH and the mailbox, when this random lvl 30 tells me to rush them through Stocks. I'll say demand quite frankly, with what was about to happen. I told them that unless they're a good friend, such as Gilthanas, I'm not doing any rushes (meh, with him not even understanding the necessity to inform me who he is, and possibly taking anything that happens as personal and bad; what can I know, or even say anymore).

Mind you, it was noon time, I hadn't eaten since the night before, and I was hungry... I'm not about to go hungry, or whatever the hell else, for people I don't even know. And some expect this?

So the person goes beyond begging, and starts pulling an attitude, while constantly telling him "I need stocks, you run me now". I'm like, "I don't even know you, and tbh no one owes you a rush. You could always find a group and play it the way most of us have had to do".

So the person is like, 1 "I don't know who your friend is":

Well that's my point. We don't know each other, or anything about each other, so why should I have to drop everything, go hungry, and what not, because you demand people give you a rush like it's owed. Beyond being rude, I hadn't eaten, and I shouldn't have to go hungry just because some obnoxious individual wants something.

2. "You're 70, and 70s don't have anything to do"

Ahem? He's got no fricken clue. Beyond end game, instances, gearing up, getting the flying and epic mounts; there's also this thing called a life. Stupid idiot acts like everyone has nothing to do, except serve him, like some kind of a slave.

3. So you can jolly well give me whatever I want

Umm, how exactly is this supposed to work? He wants, figures no one has anything to do in this world, so they must meet his demands. I'm sick of this kind of an attitude, or this sort of crap in general. It's the same nonsense one gets from beggers in real life, except that those, one has to deal with face to face. And here in Albuquerque, I have; especially when I lived on campus, and just accross the street they tended to congregate seeing nothing other then "I want, I need" whatever, tell them no and some became absolutely belligerent and hostile.

And some didn't even speak. Hell one of the apartments on campus I lived in, got routinely robbed. I had a stereo stolen from me, others who lived there previous I was to find out had game systems stolen. Only reason my TV wasn't taken also, is the 32" is so heavy, the thief probably couldn't even pick it up. A roomate had bedspreads stolen outa the laundry room, and we had a bitter argument going on for months as people's food kept disappearing, and dirty dishes were left in the kitchen sink. All the apartment mates kept accusing each other, and accusations kept flying about "whoever is using my dishes, and not cleaning up after themself; I'm sick of having to clean up your mess as you take my food".

This ended one day, when at 5 am, one of the roomates came out (I was then at a friend's house), and saw a native American person he didn't know sitting at our dinning room table, eating our food. He didn't know the person, and asking each of us, no one did. The moment this one roomate walked out and turned on the light, the stranger sitting at our table, eating the food up, turned and bolted for the door without a word.

After it became obvious that it was an intruder eating all our food, and leaving dirty dishes in the sink, the semester was near over; and when someone moved back, who was there prior to the summer semester, he told us they had a major problem with intruders, for years. All in all, they had 2 TV sets, 5 game systems, and had a list of stuff stolen.

We went to the university, and they denied anyone could break in, giving some BS line of "see this key is thicker then most? It's made for us specifically from seargent. It's impossible someone could have duplicated this key". They refused to replace the locks, or anything. One of the roomates worked at Homebase, and one of his jobs is making keys. He said, that was total bullsh**, the key is simply industrial streangth, and he could get the blank and duplicate the key himself.

Umm, yeah, I know about these sorts of people. Same, as the people who line up outside financial aid office, and demand money from students when their loan checks come in to pay for their tuition, books, dorm expenses, and what not. Meh... That's only the surface of it; and for people like this, I'm more then familiar with such pan handlers, where I've had to deal with them face to face, and the same belligerence, except there's no relogging or whatever to get away from them here in the city.

4. You're such a spoiled brat, blah, blah, blah... All you 70s have everything, and you don't want to give to me. I stopped reading in the midst of this; I'd heard enough...

Umm, who's spoiled?

Thing is, I don't mind doing things for friends. At times (OK, I dropped my schedule much of the time for Gilthanas, but he was sort of an exception, one has to be a really good friend for me to do this); I'll help people who can really need it and are appreciative, vs. people who cop such an attitude. But why should I go out of my way, for some ungreatful individual who feels everyone owes them, while assuming "no one else ever has anything to do with their own time". Of course I'm more willing to go hungry or whatever for a friend, especially if it'd be a friend I hadn't seen in awhile, then someone I don't know. Especially if that someone acts as if it's "their due" from the entire world and everyone in it.

Same goes for that idiot on Judge Judy, who transfered money from her credit cards, onto an ex-friend's joint card, while giving him all her debts

Fricken ridiculous....
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