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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by Son Goku
Oh, and constantly running behind people can be annoying; but no more so then when a lock constantly DoTs and chain fears the whole time.
Yeah I've been hit by that a few times. In some cases it has worked to my advantage, got me some distance from the grind so I could heal.

I need to learn to be able to spot these things as they are being cast, because as a tauren druid I have many ways of stopping them in their tracks. If I would have dropped a stun on that 25 pally while he was healing for example, I definitely would have won. Problem is I've never seen a pally heal before so I didn't know how to recognize it. It doesn't look the same as the druid heal.

Locks are definitely a problem for me though, in that I have much more difficulty against them than other classes. I think beating them is a matter of being able to time my attacks correctly and being able to anticipate what attacks they might use next. The fear thing can only be used three times I think, and so long as I use cat form I can always retreat and heal until he simply can't cast it anymore, then finish him off.
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