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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by Son Goku
Actually, grinding for my hunter's mount, took fricken ages; and more then 6 hours. Realms down, so will have to pull a screenshot off the web

I just couldn't do that much grinding at once. I began it in Dec 06, and had my mount by April or May or so, 07. I hit 70, and was kara attuned before I had it. A also, was on another realm part of the time, and on other chars, as I kept waiting for Gilthanas to come back, the last memory having had, was the hour we played in Feb. where he told me he had laundry to do for work tomarrow (after he was snowed in on his trip for a couple weeks or so), and "I'll be on tomarrow".

This was no 2.3 easy rep grind either. This was back in the days when one still only got +75 rep per RRQ turn in (I think it was +50 at first), and one had to go from 0 neutral, up to exalted on RRQs only.
Never got into MMOs and never will.. but this screenshot alone is enough to scare me from WoW forever. I would never play a game that looked that bad lol.
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