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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Trust me, grinding in WoW is VASTLY easier than EQ or EQ2. IN EQ you needed a group to kill the same mob over and over and over. And most the time you had to get in line to kill the mob. So you get in line to kill it when the respawn time is 20 minutes. This took months on end and if you died... YOU LOST ALL YOUR LOOT AND MONTHS OF XP! Sure they lessened the death penalty after 6 years of that stupid game but only a self-hating moron would play a CRAPPY! game like EQ.
Eh? You didn't lose all your loot and months of xp when you died. Unless you were you bugged or something? I know the first month after release in 1999 was really buggy.
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