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Default Changing default Spdif output device in PowerDVD

Is there a way to change the default Audio device in PowerDVD. I have connected to the two digital inputs of my Philips receiver my Auzentech X-fi Prelude and my Realteck Onboard soundcard repectively (I am also thinking of connecting them both to one input of my receiver using a toslink splitter i have lying about but i will experiment with that when i get home from work to see if that works).

I have both different sound drivers installed and they work perfectly - I switched Default windows playback device from the Prelude to oboard respectively and sound works flawlessly.

The reason why i have done this is to get the perfect balance between movie watching and games playing. Before attempting this method, if i wanted to play games, I enabled DDL, but if i wanted to watch movie, I had to disable it (this is a hassle for me). This method of using both my soundcards is meant to address this issue and find a balance so that i do not have to switch between DDL enable/disable and i am nearly there. At the moment i have DDL enabled and am able to watch a movie via spdif pass through in media player classic because I have set the default Audio device for Realteck Spdif (it is in the output option in preferences). PowerDVD on the other hand uses the Auzentech as the default audio device (since I have set the Prelude speakermode as Windows Default Audio playback device) and i want to change it to use my onboards Spdif.

Please tell me how i can come across doing this so that i don't have to constantly switch from DDL enabled/disabled.


I hope you guys understand what i am requesting.
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