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Default Re: 169.07 Ubuntu 7.10 Fan at %100

Does anyone know if NVClock 0.8 beta 3 is available in binary form for Ubuntu (Gutsy) somewhere? Or would anyone be kind enough to tell how one should install NVClock from source (the installation readme seems to be written for people who already can do the thing). When I do "./", I get
./ 14: aclocal: not found
./ 15: autoheader: not found
./ 16: autoconf: not found

When I do "make", I get "No target, or make file". I don't know what it is that should be "made". I tried to give make a few files to work with, but make wasn't interested in them.

Oh yeah, I just installed a new GeForce 8800 GT into my machine (got it two months later than promised) and the fan sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Yes, I'm frustrated - you can tell? And please don't anyone tell me to go to buy an aftermarket cooler for the card - or play some loud music :-/


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