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Default Think of it this way...

Even if HD-DVD dies, you still can buy a hd-dvd player for $150~ and a bunch of movies for $10~ and still get a better deal than if you were to purchase a blu-ray player and pay $20+ a movie and still have the same thing.

In the end you're still left with a bunch of movies and a player that won't have any good resale value because newer products will have been released. In the end, you're still watching HD movies.

My point is, if there's a bunch of HDDVD movies you want, go ahead and buy $180 hddvd player and buy all the movies for low price, rather than buying them at higher prices when they come out on blu-ray. You might save more in the end by doing so if you buy a bunch of hddvd movies.

... hell I don't know anything about economics, nor have I taken the course yet.
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