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Default Re: OCing G92 GTS

Originally Posted by lee63
I'm getting 760/1800/2000, core /shader/mem, for everyday use not bad I guess

Holy crap lee,i looked at that link :

Originally Posted by jason4207
hope you don't mind VJ.

Edit: Reboot, my clocks are in my sig for my GTS. I think my results are fairly typical, and these clocks are rock-solid stable as far as I can tell.

x3210 2.13 G0 @ 3.6GHz (450x8)
TR-Ultra-120-X, 115CFM 120mm fan
Asus P5K Premium @ 1800MHz FSB
Ballistix DDR2-800 (4x1GB) 900MHz 4-4-4-8
eVGA 8800GTS 512MB @ 771/1944/1062 3DMark06-16,365
Insane clocks with the standard cooler,what would a GTX score with a similarly cpu ?
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