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Default Re: Just ordered some of my DreamPC

This is more of a project then a build. I figured the 9650 will be one of the best cpus of 2008 so I might as well get it.

Anyways im thinking about a 3rd water loop for the north bridge mosfets and maybe memory. Just a small cheapo (but decent) loop.


Trying to decide on a touchscreen. I want the front of the case to be clean. Im going to take off all the drive covers and mesh it up with a touchscreen or normal lcd in the middle to display voltage and temps.

And I will be sure to take LOTS of pictures as I got myself a new camera. (nothing special)

Ill also take benchmarks between the x38 and P35 chipset with the Q9650 on water.

Stay tunned Ill be doing allot of updates as stuff starts showing up.

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