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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
You know what....sometimes, your just gonna get killed and thats the way PVP goes.
Your not going to be able to save yourself from every race and class that decides your going down.
Right, and this will invariably apply to every class. It is just the nature of PVP in any MMO which has at least a halfway decent PVP system. Some classes I'll eat for breakfast (e.g. most warriors) some classes will eat me for lunch.

If I won all the time, PVP would be boring anyways. One reason I really like PVP is the intensity involved in it. You really have no idea if you are going to win or not. Even if you start to win, sometimes the unexpected happens, like his buddy coming along and one shotting you.

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
As for locks.
They are overpowered and I dont even bother with them.
If you catch them off guard, like I did once, you have a huge upper hand. Granted that only works if you are druid or rogue, but nonetheless it can work. Or if worse comes to worse, you can always gank em. In forgotten coast, it is pretty easy to arrange for a good ganking if thats what you feel like doing.

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
I find it a waste of time to attack, unless attacked, or unless I am in BG's...which seems to be a lot these days.
Depends on how much you like a good PVP battle. Some people will avoid PVP entirely, and those people just stay on RP or normal servers. Me? If an enemy will make a good challenge (as in he will be able to put up a fight, and so will you,) then a challenge is always in order. The only exception I apply this is to places like ratchet, booty bay, or moonglade. I don't mess with people there, even if I could kill or ditch the guards.
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