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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Trust me, grinding in WoW is VASTLY easier than EQ or EQ2. IN EQ you needed a group to kill the same mob over and over and over. And most the time you had to get in line to kill the mob. So you get in line to kill it when the respawn time is 20 minutes. This took months on end and if you died... YOU LOST ALL YOUR LOOT AND MONTHS OF XP! Sure they lessened the death penalty after 6 years of that stupid game but only a self-hating moron would play a CRAPPY! game like EQ.
I played EQ 1, and also know of the lost exp, the stress over finding the corpse, etc... The grind for that mount though, was not anything to sneeze at. One (it's easier in 2.3) was essentially talking about earning

3,000 (neutral) + 6,000 (friendly) + 12,000 (honored) + 21,000 (revered) rep, or a total, of 42,000 rep.

To get this, when I first did it, it was +50, but went up to +75 fairly early in, per turn in of a repeatable rep quest (no rep on kills, only turn ins). Just taking the high end, and forgetting the +50 I think it was at first, one's talking 560 RRQs. Mine was a bit more then that.

Now, to put this in further perspective, until 1,500 neutral, one had the stupid meat provisions quest. This was a fairly low droprate item, for like 8 shardooth meat (off shardtooth bears), and 8 chillwind meat off the chimera. Now, take the drop rate quest, low drop rates, and all the mobs to kill, then one must turn in and grab again.

But further, if one has 8 of one type meat, and it drops again, one can't loot it, as Blizzard doesn't allow one to loot it to front load "for the next time around". Run up to Frostsaber rock, speak to the guy, grab again, rinse, repeat. Least now, it's +250 rep per turn in, since 2.3; lucky bastards these days

Half through neutral, one gets another RRQ they can do, to kill 8 Winterfall Shaman (only found in the heavily farmed Winterfall village), and 8 Winterfall Ursa. The Ursa are available in more then a handful of spawn spots (such as on the hill), the shamy are only in the small town. Finally, a straight killing quest, but one has to compete with all the Timbermaw repers. And it's hard to explain at killing 8 of each type mob, one has to leave, run up to Frostsaber Rock, and back down, or one doesn't get rep for mount; if some would party (most just want to grind alone), wants to rep Timbermaw without interuption, or keeps wondering if one has really left.

In the end, when I did it, the easiest thing, (from 0 revered) with killing 4 Frostmaul Preservers and 4 Frostmaul giants. This was a run between frostsaber rock and Frostmaul ravine, very long ride, even with (by then) an epic land mount. (When I began this, I still had a 60% mount.) Much longer haul, but at that time, I was one of the few people who bothered soloing Frostmaul elites. Well with more in kara or beyond, that's changed some....

Yes, the death penalty was extreme in EQ, and I know. I partly stopped playing as EQ fricken crashed on my computer constantly as it simply didn't get along with my Athlon 1900+ system (where all other software did). I suspect some chipset interaction issue. But when one constantly crashed, and the char went running into places one couldn't even see where they died, with the death penalty this grew beyond old. As did having to ask people to help me get my corpse back before it "decayed", when I couldn't see where my char went after a software crash. Grinding in WoW though is still beyond 6 hours for some things....

Next up though, I kinda want the raptor mount on one of my alliance guys. Given about a 1% drop rate in ZG off the one boss, that will be a lot of runs. Guild I'm in now is farming one boss, for the frog (or turtle is it?) polymorph tome, as it sells on AH for like 2,000 g. I've told them, as have others that if we go for the tome, we'd like the raptor mount also.
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