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Default Re: End it the end for some?

One more thing to add btw, if you don't want the possibility of some other player coming around and killing you at random while you are minding your own business questing, then you really shouldn't be playing on a PVP server.

Personally I like that kind of thing, even if it means some level 70 lock could come and kill my 23 druid at any time. It adds yet another element of challenge to the game. It's boring just being able to kill any mob of your choosing all day long. If you like that kind of thing, thats fine, but IMO being the big invincible superhero all day long makes for one bland game. PVP FTW.

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
I really dont understand it.
Nearly 70 now, I have NO desire to waste my time in going to low areas and ganking ppl 20+ levels below me.
Its no challenge and im getting no gain from it....
So why then must 70's hang out at nessy in STV and kill everything 30 levels lower than them...for hours on end?
I've had this happen to me a few times. I guess as druid with the 30% speed bonus in cat form and easy snare breaking, it doesn't bother me as much, because I often escape from that.
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