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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by zoomy942
thats precisley why my wife is a stay at home mom and we dont have cable tv. we play games wogether and hang out with baby. i dance with her every night after i get home from work and we are always helping her learn things. she is 7 months old and already trying to talk, been standing on her own for 3 months and hasnt had a bottle in 2 months. she is advanced and it's solely becasue my wife and myself (to a lesser extent) spend lots of time with her.
Certainly is an answer to some of the arguments over expenses. Only thing that remains, is upgrade one graphics card, you don't have to upgrade the other. But then it saves the "why are you using money to buy a $400 graphics card", when out the other side there's a use of credit card to spend $150 on a hair do

When all is said and done, it's the one thing that I'd say could keep one comming back. I've been there, having the mount, having many of the reps I looked for, on my hunter at least having completed almost every non-group, non-raid, non-instance quest; and having completed most group and a lot of instance quests also. There really is not all that much left except grinding (though many of his reps are now exalted, or a fair bit into revered), grinding for gold, dailies, and of course end game (kara, or I've been in Gruul's isn't the end) or PvP.

Grinding grows boring, which is why people break it up with alts, interchange activities, what not. The most fun I ever had was when Gilthanas and I played together; and looking back it wasn't the goal which mattered so much, or made it fun. It was simply being with him and doing stuff together, which we could both use. I've had most other friends, realm transfer, whatever, though a couple have come back after a fair time away. And you know what? With almost everything said and done; it's times with one's friends (or in your case family) that matters, and makes it fun. Without this, it just loses a lot of the fun one otherwise would have.

Meh, when I rushed to 60 (then cap), and had some of the reps on an earlier character, I knew this; but couldn't find a way to tell him, who felt it necessary to "play catch up", until we started rushing each other. The goals, which well I set at first, didn't matter so much at the end. Unfortunate, when he was back in Dec 06 after some financial probs, I could never find a way to explain to him why he remembered those earlier days so fondly. Yeah, I know, I was the first to rush myself....

If he ever does come back, and unlike last March, actually lets me know it's him; I'm gonna do what I was seriously considering last January, and that's give him my email, and perhaps other contact info. On this front, I should have been less cagey, when we were becoming quite good friends. I simply will not give it out to whoever, without knowing it's him; for obvious reasons. In the end, it's spending time with friends and what not, be it in game or out, which matters. All else, is really just stuff to do...

In any case, good for you. Rather then running off and doing whatever, you've found some things you can do with your wife...
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