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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
I have levelled 4 toons through these areas now and quite frankly, they are painful.
While I didnt find them so bad with my rogue as stealth is a wonderful thing, every other toon I have taken through these areas has been subject to mass amounts of ganking by alliance.

I really dont understand it.
Nearly 70 now, I have NO desire to waste my time in going to low areas and ganking ppl 20+ levels below me.
Its no challenge and im getting no gain from it....
So why then must 70's hang out at nessy in STV and kill everything 30 levels lower than them...for hours on end?
What makes STV so unique though, is the level spread. I've been able to take a hunter in there at lvl 28, and tbh I think I took my warrior there at 28 or 29 for some of the starting quests, like Nessingwary safari. Course the chars I've leveled there thus far have been on a PvE realm, so this hasn't been an issue. But I can see it now with this char. The range goes from those quests, to a lvl 45 involving killing Keelhaul, Stillwater I think it is and the others. It includes the lvl 50 "Message in a Bottle", both ali and horde side, killing the elite ogres, and of course ZG is there as well. Most zones have a much smaller level spread, except perhaps Barrens, albeit that's only an issue for alliance (the level 20 lock quest for instance); as it's horde territory, not contested. Most zones, hell even Desolase has a much smaller level spread.

Only other thing I imagine might come close to tough, is hitting lvl 58 and going through the dark portal, for some entry lvl quests. Least the first few are quite close to Honor Hold or Thrallmar respective. Some do require going close to the other encamptment though (ali side, takeing down forge camps north of Thrallmar), horde side, down around the Unyielding (I think my 70 orc hunter went down that way), and of course the fel orc blood quest. Killing each other's catapaults is a given.

Once one's Outland geared, the disparity becomes less, though lvl 70s will still be there for Shattered Halls, and the Shattered Halls key quest, involving killing a Fel Reaver and putting the key mold in it... But there the difference (and no small difference at that) is largely gear, where end game vs. lvling Azeroth gear can be extreme. And it grows less so, about the first couple quests. STV though, it's lvl spread.
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