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Default Re: My HTPC Project (Worklog)

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman
First off, who in the blue moon are you? And who the hell do you think you are coming on here and riding on supermans cape?

2nd, i was on topic and wanted some more insite to this and you decide to come from out of no where and attack me. I would seriouly think about your actions a bit before you come on here and point at me.

I never seen you here before but i can bet your one of those guys that wants to bust my bubble right? Let me remind you just who i am. I am the most powerful force in the universe and i can and will do things to this planet that will leave you in ah for the rest of your pethetic life.

Like i said, i never heard of you or had a problem with you, but you seem to have a problem with me coming from the choice words that came from your stupid comments. Go back under that rock you came out from or i will be more than happy to put you back under that rock.

Now before i was rudly bothered by internet scum, strom, congrats to the HTPC, its always pleasing when you take the time and effort into building it.

Good luck and hope you get the most out of it.


Your local area Bigman
All questions are welcomed on the forums, unless your a ****ing noob.

Cheers mate
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