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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Depends on how much you like a good PVP battle. Some people will avoid PVP entirely, and those people just stay on RP or normal servers. Me? If an enemy will make a good challenge (as in he will be able to put up a fight, and so will you,) then a challenge is always in order. The only exception I apply this is to places like ratchet, booty bay, or moonglade. I don't mess with people there, even if I could kill or ditch the guards.
The gaurds in Cenarion Hold (Silithis) can hurt far more then some areas (well Moonglade would be about the same). When patch 2.0 first came out, there was a guildy who accidently hit the windrider master in Cenarion Hold. Mind you, escape isn't so ideal, as jumping down would be into the Silithid. This was also when lvl 60 was the cap, and the gaurds were just upped to 65 elite.

He didn't live to talk about it Well you get my drift. And he was like "ooow, the Cenarion Circle hurts like f***** hell".

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I've passed through STV in order to get to an orc camp from booty bay. No trouble from other players, but mobs were a pain in the butt. Actually it seems to be a place where my guild frequently goes, because I randomly encountered a few of them there.
You do realize, you could much more easily take a Zeplin from either outside UC, or Orc to Grom'Gol, right? You can then also avoid the 40+ mobs till slightly higher lvl. Org isn't too far from the Ratchet fp wrt going this other route.

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Persoanlly, I think your best waiting to lvl 60 before taking on the Outlands. The quests there are considerably harder.
Meh, I'm not one to wait, and pretty much know the quests both horde side and alliance side by now. My Nelf hunter did practically all of them, and my 70 Orc hunter has also been through the areas. With the exception of my Nelf hunter that was 60 before BC came out, I've taken 3 other characters to (3 70s, and 1 69).

I prefer hitting Outland for some of the better exp, to rush through those lvls, and get Outland gear. Also makes completing some of the harder Azeroth quests easier. Though some aren't as bad, Hearthglen, "The Battle of Darrowshire", and other such things are more of a pain. On the last, it's a 60 raid. I remember helping someone with "The Last Barov" also.

Then again, I'm also one who in the past has tended push the Timbermaw quests (beginning) at lvl 44 (actually killed some deadwood at 43 before, but meh, no quest), lvl 50 mobs in Feralas about 44, and had once soloed that fire elemental outside BRD at about 58 or 59. Probably the more difficult was soloing King Bangalash at lvl 41 on a warrior, though 40 on a hunter wasn't as bad. I prefer a bit of a challenge, and getting ahead of the curve Hell, when Gilthanas and I played together, we also used to do this; where we'd keep pushing the limits. He doesn't know in the time he was away I "1 upped myself", while on the horde realm and with far less gear, then what he last saw

That said, I do hold back some on a PvP realm, so as not to go closer to my limits. People there don't need to know that on another realm I started soloing Searing Gorge quest (the elementals) at 44, and stuff like that. And it's perhaps best if they don't know I've been ready to do some quests before one can acquire. It's an element of surprise, when they think one's taxed to their limits there
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