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Well as to the use of imaginary numbers (the complex number system), if the algebra teacher I had when I was back in highschool is correct, imaginary numbers did come into play (an application thereof) when radio technology was being developed. Though I have worked with some circuit design (in regards to computers) I have not looked into this to see if he was correct. Imaginary numbers could have their practical applications however.

As to the 1280 x 1024...I really don't care if the same 5:4 aspect ratio is used or not. I've had too many monitors in the past where 1280 x 960 looks rather distorted, and on my current one (a Viewsonic A90) it's all off center and takes a lot of work to get it centered and to fill the screen. That includes increasing the horizontal size and seriously changing the positioning... At least it isn't distorted like it was on my older 15" though...

1280 x 1024 is also the highest res I can use without going below a 75 Hz refresh rate....and 60 Hz refresh looks kinda dim, flickers, and can give me headaches...hence 1600 x 1200 is out. I don't like smaller desktops that fit less on them...and also prefer what displays without distortion or requiring substantial adjustment to my monitor. (And though I have worked inside a monitor before, if it's so far off I couldn't adjust it from the controls in the front...I'd rather pass on having to open it up to make course adjustments ...Lets just say it's so extremely off center, the right most 1/2 to 2/3 or so of the desktop is way off the screen when set to 1280 x 960 H position is also at 14...and it won't go much more to the left...) 1280 x 1024 doesn't have the inevitable "my desktop won't center on the screen" effect on this monitor.

In games I do use 1024 x 768 though, with Quincunx AA and Aniso

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