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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by Son Goku
You do realize, you could much more easily take a Zeplin from either outside UC, or Orc to Grom'Gol, right? You can then also avoid the 40+ mobs till slightly higher lvl. Org isn't too far from the Ratchet fp wrt going this other route.
Not at the time. My guildy showed me the light though.

Originally Posted by Son Goku
You could consider feral (what I'm doing on my druid) or balance. As to resto, I would recommend against it until your actually ready to instance and stuff. Lvling as a healer, meh....
It is feral. I just took out the stuff that is only good for instance/raids from feral and replaced it with some resto stuff that is good for pvp.
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