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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

i went from a stock e6850 to a qx9650 and its an awesome increase of performance for me............i don't think fsx can be measure by frame rates frame rates didn't double going to a quad. but i can turn up my autogen.........and use water at full and my stutters went down big 1600x1200.........i can also enable lightbloom at certain places were before it would just crap out before.

when i run everest and i'm flying thru dense cities it shows core 1,2,3 at 100percent and core 4 jumping between 60 and 100.........i have a g15 and it shows video memory averaging 350mb usage. this games is major cpu intensive. once i start overclocking it will be even better.........i don't think its major gpu. crysis is major everst shows crysis using 700+mb of gpu memory........i know that measurement isn't everything but if your a flight simmer i would invest in a good cpu first..( if your a flight sim enthusiast that is)

i also run add ons ulitmate terrain x and canada and also vancouver+ addon.

this is only my experience but quad is awesome for fsx for me so far. to bad service pack 2 added more stutters again for me compared to sp1.
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