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Default Re: Crysis screenies

Originally Posted by TrixteH
Once or twice maybe, but to spam the screenshot thread on every single page with screens that look no different from the other 6000 slightly different looking/ differently angled Crysis screens that have been posted there is getting boring and irratating.

Why have a Crysis screenshot thread if there going to be posted in the main thread.....i'd say less if there wasn't.

People view that thread to see different games with different screenshots not 1 game with a few screens and then Crysis wiyth ANOTHER 50 then same next page, then again then then

There should be a sub-title under screenshot thread 2007.....No Crysis thanks, please, your welcome.
They must really bother you if you've gone so far as to make a thread about it.. I sincerely doubt anyone is posting Crysis screen shots JUST to mess with you..

Or ARE they ??
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