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Default Re: I need some advice.

Originally Posted by H4yd3n
Wow, you guys are a huge help.
Toss3 I'll check that out. It sounds good.

And as you guys are talking about whether it is hard to build a computer or not, it really isn't that hard. I haven't full out built a computer, but I've cracked mine open before and added RAM and a new card...about a year or two ago and it was incredibly easy. Also, since I'm just a kid (14) do you think I ought to ask my friend to help me with this? He builds computers for a living. I also have a friend who works with servers and builds computers for fun...think I should ask them?

And, ClosetFanBoy, is it very hard to overclock, or is it relatively easy?
It's fairly easy. Mobos have a section in the bios dedicated to it. And once you read up on what your cpu, memory and mobo are capable of, it starts to become 2nd nature before you know it. And if you have friends with knowledge of building pc's, definitely take advantage of that.
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