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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Grinding for the mounts in WoW was easy. It didn't matter if it was the epic flying mount. You could have it in two weeks. Easy
All of the special mounts wouldn't be 2 weeks. If you managed to get the Winterspring mount in 2 weeks; I pity how much you must have done that rep grinding, certainly as I did it pre-2.3. Anyone reading this, not sure, this is the mount my hunter has

It most definitely was not fun, and was a bit arduous. Not in the sense that the quests were hard, but rather the time commitment. Only error I can see on that page, I had to wait to revered as I remember before the Frostmaul opened. On my realm, Winterfall Village was also heavily farmed, almost 24/7

The raptor mount, or other such mounts (kara has a drop for Attumen's mount, Zul'Gurub also has the spectral tiger as well as the one I want, etc); would be a no way. Beyond low drop rate, those are drops off raid bosses only. Given the saving of the instance, and with the exception of ZG these day, one's not likely to have a group do just 1 boss; one's down there for several weeks. In the 3 months I have run kara, I don't think I ever saw the mount drop once, off Attumen. Once killed, one needs the end game to reset, to farm it again...

On the other hand, shamy drops seemed like 100% when there was no shamy in guild In the time I've run ZG (I used to raid it, pre-BC) I don't think I've yet seen the raptor mount. I'm hopeful though, if the guild is farming for other stuff, I'm like umm, yeah, I'd like a shot at that raptor mount also. Others have joined in, wanting mount drops.

When I get 300 riding, I'll probably start the dailies for Netherwing. No idea how that will compare as of yet, to what I experienced with Wintersaber trainers. Though I imagine it's rep is more like what 2.3 made Wintersaber trainers rep now, rather then what it was pre-BC until about November.

Now, with 2 weeks, are you saying you got one of these rare or special mounts in this time, as I had? Or simply the 5k gold for an epic flying mount? Rare mounts take a bit longer, and can't simply be purchased, requiring either exalted rep, a boss drop in a raid, or whatever.
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