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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Ive never played a MMO game before, my games have always been games like counter strike source, day of defeat, TF2, BF2\2142 ... i even love a round of golf on TW2008 with afew mates on TS, great laugh.

This WoW sound really addictive, it sounds like it takes up alot of time and alot of effort to build up a character .... to much effort for me, i like just being able to join a game ..... and then leave when i feel like it.

I have two children ... both pretty young, ones 2 & a half, the other 3 months old, although i love to play games i make sure i spend time with the wife and kids firstly! i finish work say 4:30pm help with the kids, feeding bathing ect and then its play time for me and the 2 year old ... i must admit that i have a better time play fighting with the two and a half year old than i do playing any games, ill give the 3 month old some lovin two .... too see him smile still warms my heart .... the two year old will go to bed a 8pm, we feed the 3 month old and 8pm and he will go to sleep, then me and the wifey have some time togeather( ) ...... we usually play on the wii or watch t.v or a movie ect ..... its only really when the wifey goes to bed that i get time to play games on my pc for a hour or two, if it the weekend i usually have a couple of beers and sit up on ts till early hours of the morining having a laugh with members of the quad im in.

All in all i love to play games but for me my pc\games is a easy second to my family!
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