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Default Re: What will I be able to run it on?

Originally Posted by SlieTheSecond
E6600 at 3.2Ghz, and a single 8800 GTS 640.
Before the patch, I played through fine with all settings on high at 1680x1050.
When I got the 8800 GT I played through with the dx9 very high tweaks.

If you have to play at 1024x768 with a system like that. Something is wrong.

The only time did my fps really plummet was the very last level... and well you need a nuclear reactor to power the kind of computer needed to run the last level
Though I hear the patch makes the last part of the game run a lot smoother. I should play it again.
Thats because you have a better CPU and running two 8800gt in SLI. And i dont believe that you run crysis at veryhigh in 1680x1050 with good framerates. U cant do that on a single GT...
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