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Default Re: I quite WoW today

PVP in WoW is the best of any MMO bar none. The movement, battle engine IS just the best. The whole idea is to move you through PVP to keep it from being stale.
Let me introduce you to a little well known but not quite as popular game called Guild Wars. Guildwars is the only MMORPG where every class has a chance against every other class. This is because of 3 things,

1) The 8 spell limit to bring into a fight is there to balance out the fact that most classes have spells covering a wide range of abilities to combat other classes. So you have the ability to attack or defend any class, with the right selection of spells.

2) every player can choose another class (and switch between as many times as they want when in towns, towns are non-combat zones where you can adjust attriubtes, spells, group makeup) as their secondary class. This opens up all the spells available to that class, although you will be splitting up your attribute points (think talent points) among 2 sets of class trees. Also thers a primary attribute tree for each class that is not available as a secondary class.

3) One of its biggest weeknesses is also its strongest balancing point. Aside from looks and the shuffling of a few stats, armor and weapon stats stay in the same general area (at level 20). There are uber swords of dragon slaying, but they have the same stats as the questable sword available from the vendor just outside the city. Personalization is a little tough (this was remedied abit in the 4th expansion, where many sets of armors were introduced) but theres no imbalance like WoW and Everquest had between casual players and epic geared raiders.

PVP gear is different than tiered gear. You don't wear PVP gear in raids.
I can accept that, but they didn't need to make it look the same.

Grinding for the mounts in WoW was easy. It didn't matter if it was the epic flying mount. You could have it in two weeks. Easy
Where did this line of Bull&#@# come from? You can make about 60g (closer to 100 now if you do the pvp, and both dungeon dailies) if you do every single daily. 2 weeks, or 14 days, will only net 1400g max. And unlocking every single pre-epic daily isn't "easy", it requires a half dozen full groups to unlock ogrila.

After you get epic flying and unlock all the netherwing another story.

/stoped doing dailies at 3000g cause there was nothing for me to buy and thus could better spend the time elser where.
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