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Default Share your config - best visuals you have achieved.

Me personally, I'm still looking, which is why I made this thread.

I have to admit, I bashed this game for it's lackluster visuals, but with the right visual tweaks, this game is nothing short of amazing, visually.

Seems imo, at least, the original game is too bland, the coloring just hurts it alot, I noticed with certain tweaks, the right lighting also improve's the look of the textures, as well.

So if you guys can do me a favor - do alot of us a favor who are searching for that perfect visual style, can you post a pic of what your game looks like, and with it, can you paste your config, or post a link if it's a downloadable mod, (such as natural mod)

I've read of some config caled " hp's visual config " but I can't find it anywhere, apparently, when it's put onto of the natural mod config, it does wonders..
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