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Default Re: Low to Mid Priced 40" Sony 1080p set

I think you should go for either the Sony 40W3000, which will cost a bit more or for the Toshiba Regza 42Z3030, which will cost quite a bit less (exc. the cost of possibly having to buy the PS3 seperately).

Both screens offer far better picture and I think you get a better deal. The Sony is just a class TV but I own the Toshiba and its picture quality is supposedly superior in pretty much every way. However, I also own a Sony 46W2000 (last gen) and Freeview picture is much better on the Sony. The Sony is also far easier to set-up. The Toshiba is slow, cumbersome, has too many controls and it also doesn't let you have different settings for all the different inputs.

To sum it up, I think if you want a great TV with great Freeview and something easy to use get a Sony 40W3000. If you want the best HD image quality no matter what get the Toshiba Regza 42Z3030.

Personally I wouldn't go for the Sony V series just because the W series offers far better picture for not a lot more and the Toshiba offers far better quality for less.
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