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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by jeffmd
After you get epic flying and unlock all the netherwing another story.

/stoped doing dailies at 3000g cause there was nothing for me to buy and thus could better spend the time elser where.
Thing is, money really isn't the issue so much with many mounts. One needs 300 riding to open Netherwing dailies, as well as the quest chain which begins with "Kindness" which I have completed on my main, ages ago. That's 5,000 g no matter how one looks at it. The remaining 200 g isn't the issue if one wants a netherdrake. The need to hit exalted with Netherwing, else to get top ranks in arenas (the PvP drake), is... The former is a rep grind to exalted, on the dailies; the latter (or armored netherdrake) getting a top ranking position on the ladder for a given arena season.

Truth be told, the Winterspring mount only requires 75 riding, though it's an epic land mount (100%). Again, money wouldn't be the issue (though my hunter has 225 riding, for obvious reasons). The issue was the rep grind, through RRQs, not the money.

The raptor will be an issue of random drop, on a low drop rate, in Zul'Gurub. If one goes in, and were to do just that boss (though the main reason to go is the non-sheep polymorph book), then one simply can not kill that boss again till ZG resets. One's saved to the instance. The drop rate is like 1%
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