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Default Re: Battlefield 2. Unlock Single Player weapons

Originally Posted by Madpistol
ummmmmm... do a google search...

And seriously, what's up with all the old thread revives?
Yeah, i'm trying it for days now, and i find a mod named:
about the descriptions it's appeared to be working, but i couldn't download it from anywhere there was only one site, where the download could start, but stopped after 20%, saying: "download stopped because of too much downloading time" i don't know if it's correct in english, because i'm from hungary and my windows is also hungarian... so if you could help me with a link i would really appreciate it! (and sorry, but i don't understand "the old thread revives" because of my english , if you mean the unlock for the bf2 1.0, because it's not working anymore with the patch 1.3 installed...)
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