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Default Re: Forced to Buy a PS3!

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
You returned your perfectly working HD-DVD player because of this? It's because of dick heads like you that places now have such ****ty return policies.
Duh, if they didn't offer such return policies I would order everything online. The ability for the customer to return items for any reason is a competitive edge for brick and mortar stores. That's why people are sometimes willing to pay a little more.

It was an extended holiday gift return policy. And I'm sure they're quite happy because I spent $400 instead of just the $200 for the original player.


I rented Rachet & Clank and Resistance. Resistance looks a little dated compared to COD4 but it's still cool. Rachet & Clank looks fantastic. Enjoyed Harry Potter on Blu-ray.

Even my brother commented on how precise the ps3 controller is as compared to the 360's. But on the other hand there's no rumble.

Funny thing is I was trying to press the button to get the disc tray to come out (like the 360) took me a second to realize you just slide the disk in--no tray. Cool.

Oh, I learned I can use my MOMO wheel with this thing. That would be awesome for driving games.

well, back to playing games on my Blu-ray player.
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