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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Well, I haven't been on here for a while now but just got my new rig.

Upgraded from a 2.8 P4 HT and 6800 Ultra to the new rig in my sig. I was just planning to go to Fry's to buy a hard drive but they had some good prices for the E6750 and had the 8800gt 512mb on the shelves so decided that now was as good as any time to upgrade. My girlfriend helped me out with some of the purchases but I'm very pleased with the difference.

I ended up getting a 3dMark score of 12,301. I know I can get a higher rated pair of RAM and increase my clock speeds but I'm happy with what I have setup for now. My big concern is to keep my case nice and quiet. It's not bad, especially with the Coolermaster Hyper 212 heatsink/fan that's cooling the processor but the GPU fan is loud as hell during gaming.

Nevertheless, I'm glad to be back and thank this site for being around when I was ready to upgrade. It was a big help in my purchase decisions and on setting everything up.

Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
Intel E6750 @ 3.2
Asus P5N-E SLI Mobo
Kingston 2gb DDR2 pc6400Dual Channel Kit
Maxtor 500gb SATAII hd
eVGA 8800 GT 512mb (700/1750/955)
(Stock Air Fan)

3dMark 2006 Score: 12301
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