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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

SeriTonin, I use the games DX10 Vista very high settings. The only thing I have in my autoexec that effects graphics is r_motionblurshutterspeed .09. I would not recommend setting it that high unless you're playing with a gamepad. It's too much blur for mouse movement.

I made a few minor tweaks to Pydon's Natural Mod 1.2 that have an effect on the look of the game at night. At first I didn't like how dark the night sections are with NM 1.2 but after driving around at night near some forested area and turning off my headlights I think Pydon's got it pretty close to what it would be like.

Nevertheless, I still prefer a little bit more light. I think it only took 2 minor tweaks in the .tod file. Now it appears that in open areas there is a little bit more light reaching the ground. The forested areas and shadows stil remain very dark such that you pretty much can't make your way through them without the use of your nightvision. Also, it adds the dark rays that you from trees and other objects that are present in Crytek's .tod settings at night.

Here are a few shots.

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