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Default Re: Ultra high-definition TV

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Thats about 33MP. The total "resolution" of the human eye (assuming the screen was planted right on your eyes) is about 576MP.
Human eye is about 81MP according to some Wiki guy-

"A maximum resolution of the human eye in good light of 1.6 minute of arc per line pair will correspond to 1.25 lines per minute of arc. Assuming two pixels per line pair (one pixel per line) and a square field of 120 degrees, this would be equivalent to approximately 120601.25 = 9000 pixels in each of the X and Y dimensions, or about 81 megapixels.[citation needed]"

Also "the human eye itself has only a small spot of sharp vision in the middle of the retina, the fovea centralis, the rest of the field of view being progressively lower resolution as it gets further from the fovea. The angle of the sharp vision being just a few degrees in the middle of the view, the sharp area thus barely achieves even a single megapixel resolution. The experience of wide sharp human vision is in fact based on turning the eyes towards the current point of interest in the field of view, the brain thus perceiving an observation of a wide sharp field of view."

So most of that screen will be wasted on our low resolution eyes
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