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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

I had to signup after I saw those pics above. I bought FSX when it almost came out, believing I could play it on an integrated card because FS2004 ran fine ( 3.2ghz p4, 1 gb ddr2 667, etc.) and I was wrong. Even after trying it on my c2d 1.6ghz laptop with an 8400 gs it ran at medium settings @ 1440x900 around 12-20 fps.

Now I finally bought some parts around an e6550, and all the talk in this thread is worrying me that my almost $200 on my CPU choice was a waste because it still is going to bottleneck FSX. I need to be able to run it at 1920x1080 as I bought a 50" 1080P TV for that and for sports. I still havent bought a vid card besides a $35 temp 8400 gs, so now your saying, I dont need the best possible, more like invest in a Quad later on?

BTW pics look marvelous, is that just FSX Deluxe with some scenery add-ons?
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