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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Yeh, I used to hate that hidden level thingy.
I just figure, ?? or Skull, it really doesnt matter....they will be killing me if I dont get out of the
Not always

In that post I made above, with the ?? guy, (I am guessing level 33 abouts) he thought he was being a badass by fighting our group of 3 (at the time of that particular battle) low 20's and wiping our group about thee times initially, but we came around and started pwning him. In fact I kept chasing him and doing heavy DPS on him while a shaman kept healing me, and it was largely me that was getting the kills no less. He would try to run but he just couldn't outrun my druid He even ran into a 30 ally friendly mob but that mob just didn't save him

We eventually let him go after we killed him like 7 times.
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