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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by Bah!
Sorry, but you have clue what you are talking about.

Just because it was cheaper for you to keep your wife at home doesn't mean that everyone has that luxury.

There are many, many jobs out there that don't pay enough for ONE person to get by on, much less a family. Dual income households are not something people usually do because thats what they want, but because its something they have to do to survive. I'm not talking about people living beyond their means, either, i'm talking about struggling to keep up in conditions you or I wouldn't consider livable.

If you don't or can't understand that, don't worry about people lying to us, worry about those rose colored glasses you are wearing.

remember though, that lots of people think they have ti "survive" with 2 new cars, flashy electronics and a huge house... they have been lied to as well. i have a low house payment, a 1990 4 runner and no debt inducing eletronics.... and i LOVE my life
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