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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by wy2sl0
I had to signup after I saw those pics above. I bought FSX when it almost came out, believing I could play it on an integrated card because FS2004 ran fine ( 3.2ghz p4, 1 gb ddr2 667, etc.) and I was wrong. Even after trying it on my c2d 1.6ghz laptop with an 8400 gs it ran at medium settings @ 1440x900 around 12-20 fps.

Now I finally bought some parts around an e6550, and all the talk in this thread is worrying me that my almost $200 on my CPU choice was a waste because it still is going to bottleneck FSX. I need to be able to run it at 1920x1080 as I bought a 50" 1080P TV for that and for sports. I still havent bought a vid card besides a $35 temp 8400 gs, so now your saying, I dont need the best possible, more like invest in a Quad later on?

BTW pics look marvelous, is that just FSX Deluxe with some scenery add-ons?
I'm running a number of additions to FSX - UK Photoscenery [Horizon generationX] and Hawaii Photoscenery [MegasceneryX] both pictured above. I'm also using Flight EnviromentX or FEX, which allows to to add and customise cloud, sky and water textures and colours - it's an evolving product that will soon include it's own real-time weather generator, which will be more accurate than the one built into FSX.

I'm also using a water shader mod that changes the way it reflects light, looking more natural IMO.

Your CPU will be fine for FSX, though bare in mind you will not be able to max it out and return smooth frame rates - nothing can really, though it does depend on your tolerance and what you consider smooth. I tend to only fly over the areas I have photoscenery for and use little autogen, as I prefer it this way - on my spec below i maintain a constant locked 25fps [unlocked anything from 25 upto 70fps]

As has been said above the GPU generally has far less impact on performance - I play it at 1680x1050 16xAF 8xS AA and the fps does not alter if I run at 1400x900 and no AA or AF. Even with a lesser card you can still turn up the res and image quality.

Some links. - about the most comprehensive flight sim site and file libuary a link for the water shader mod.

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