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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by Delbert
GPU 800/2050/2200 .... noticed that the core clock means nothing if you cannot push the shaders.... probably why they are linked....
CPU... cannot get past 3.6G stable.... poor memory letting me down went for these... and they wont go past 400 for anything, unless i up to volts to crazy levels.... just not worth it. should have gone for some 8500 units, but there are lot more bucks.... oh well

Anyway... back down to CPU 3.2G, GPU 720/1800/2000 ... still crushes all games....
You were robbed.
8800 ARE still pricey but not so much, prices have dropped lots

Im gonna test some betas now...
12857-169.28 meh, I want my new cpu NOW
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