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Originally posted by DaveW
I say its extremely annoying.

With PSP you can tell that the real users of it have had a lot more say in its design. A lot of it is simple stuff, for example, after you make a selection, the move tool is selected by default. In PSP if you magic wand a certain color and hit delete it is filled with transparency, PS fills it with the background color. Making a simple straight lines in PSP is easy, in PS you have that annoying pen tool.

I have a hard time believing that the guys at Adobe even use their own product.
It's not very hard to get used to PS's GUI. All of the stuff that's on the main toolbar and other menus can be activated with a key. Even though you make a selection and it doesnt automatically select the move tool you hit the "v" key and there you have it. Not very hard

As to magic wand in PS. When you hit delete after applying magic wand your selection will be filled with a color only if you have background color specified. If it's transparent, your selection will also be transparent.

By the way there is also the line tool which is very useful.
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