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Originally posted by mr_oh_so_ice
Windows 2000 is a decent enough OS and would be awesome if it ran older games well enough. Here are a few I ran into trouble with:

NFS High Stakes - requires much pain to install and usually won't work.
NFS Porsche Unleashed - has memory problems.
Rune - sometimes the graphics get messed up, everything looks white.
Quake 2 - save games won't load.

Its usually the older games that give it a fit, new stuff will work fine since they were designed for 2000 support. Networking is good for 2 or more machines together but for general net use there isn't much difference. Getting a 98 computer to share files with a 2000 machine is hell.

That's bull

NFS HS is a pain to install but it runs fine.

NFSPU is perfect. just delete gimme.dll, all problems disappear for me

Rune takes a bit of work/tweaking to make it function. Game tweaking, not os tweaking, btw

Quake2, Ive never experienced nor heard of this at all.

Older games are actually pretty ok with latest compatibility updates.

As for filesharing between 98 and 2k... yeah. It really is as horrible as it sounds. Thet's why there is
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